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The Carlsbad Environmental Monitoring and Research Center (CEMRC) was established in 1991 through a grant from the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) as a division of the New Mexico State University College of Engineering to establish and serve as a Carlsbad, New Mexico-based center of excellence for analytical and scientific services and to respond to emerging health and environmental needs.  Through this grant, CEMRC conducts an independent environmental and health-monitoring program in the vicinity of the Waste Isolation Pilot Plant (WIPP) and makes the results accessible to all parties.  Through its on-going monitoring efforts, CEMRC analyzes samples from various environmental media including soil, sediments, surface water, drinking water, and air samples (aerosols as well as air entering and exiting the WIPP underground shafts) in and around the WIPP site for radionuclides.  CEMRC also conducts detailed analysis of volatile organic compounds (VOC), hydrogen, and methane present in the WIPP underground air.  Lastly, CEMRC conducts a Whole Body Counting (WBC) program for WIPP employees and area residents to address general concerns about personal exposure to radioactive contaminants in and around the WIPP site.  CEMRC began its monitoring programs before the WIPP site began accepting TRU (Transuranic) waste, providing a baseline of background radiation for the site and the vicinity for which to compare.  Thus far, there has been no evidence of increased radiological contamination in the region of WIPP that could be attributed to releases from the WIPP site.

CEMRC will hold an open house on Monday afternoon (April 2nd, 2012) from 3pm-5pm and on Thursday (April 5th, 2012) from 9am-3pm for interested parties.

For more information about CEMRC, please contact Russell Hardy, Director, at (575) 234-5555 or email at